Time Management

Time management is key to the program of Propel. If you can’t manage your time, you will not succeed in this class. There are very rare strict deadlines, mostly just deliverables on writing pieces. Otherwise your project/4th credit is up to you to complete on time and by the end of the semester. To succeed you need to follow the teacher’s deadlines, but you also need to create your own. This course definitely isn’t for everyone; you need to be self-motivated to succeed inside the walls of Propel. Mr. P and Mr. H are always willing to help, but only if you have the drive to get the job done. On all other terms you are on your own and need to push yourself to get the jobs/deliverables done. An easy way to do the following is to create a list/gantt chart so you can cross off the objectives you have already completed. Mr. P is a pro at organization so if you need more information he is your guy. Time management is Propel, without it, you don’t succeed at the level you want to achieve.


Triplicity doesn’t mean Simplicity

Through the duration of this semester I have created and developed a clothing brand that will hit the streets of Winnipeg by the end of the school year. Recently I have been working on registering my business through the provincial government. The actions for this to happen takes time. Which can be very frustrating due to the deadlines I must follow. Somedays I feel like I am falling behind, others I feel so far ahead that I do not feel the need to work. Business is a game of patience, skill, and timing.

This semester I have hit several road blocks, and they stalled my project at times. Such as trying to find a unique value proposition, this took quite some time to figure out. I never really thought about this part of a clothing brand because it never occurred to me that I needed one. Then I came across this business opportunity with the Crohn’s and Colitis foundation. Found my UVP, for every 3 items of clothing sold, a donation gets made to Crohns & Colitis. One other roadblock was designing shirts for Crohns & Colitis. Firguring out the correct design was challenging but I got through it. Before the deadline.

This semester there hasn’t been to many roadblocks, in my head everything has been smoothly going along. I am accelerating my brand at a rapid pace and it is almost ready to hit the streets of Winnipeg. I’m a natural at the business world, I take after my dad and my grandpa. They were both major businessmen. Road blocks are easy to overcome; you just have to think outside of the box.

We need a new idea… RIGHT NOW!

On the morning of March 2nd, 2017 the students of Propel were introduced to the event, Tiger’s Den. The event was taking place at 900 St. Mary’s road, also known as the board office of the Louis Riel school division. Only the few returning students of Propel knew what we were about to get ourselves in to. I arrived at the board office 15 minutes prior to the mandatory time of 8:30, having no clue of what Tiger’s Den was completely about, I had little rushes of anxiety running up and down my spine. There was a table set up at the entrance of the den, the table contained some information, booklets, & a name tag with a table number printed on it. I had the honour of being a part of table number two.

As I walked to my table I only saw select few faces that I knew from our Propel class. I was ready to take on this experience. 8:30 came around and we met our colleagues for the day, we had a brilliant team that consisted of visionaries, quiet thinkers, & outgoing presenters. We were the dream team of the den. After meeting our team, and the speakers finished their speeches, we set off on our adventure to find the million-dollar idea that would win us the Tiger’s Den trophy. We spit balled ideas off of each other, getting feedback from one another, eventually we came down to one idea that involved fostering dogs and bringing them to workplaces to help relieve the stress of workers in large corporations. The next hour and a bit consisted of working on our project and getting feedback from professionals. All the groups had assigned roles within them such as CEO, marketing, financial adviser, etc. After working on it for a fair amount of time, we came to the conclusion that this idea was not going to work the way we thought it was going too. Our group needed a new idea, as quick as possible. As somebody who is a quick thinker and problem solver I took the liberty to brainstorm another idea with a colleague I grew fairly close to, Brandon. We thought of an app, Gift & Go, the app would be the new main source of gift cards for the upcoming generation. The app could store all your gift cards, keep track of the balances on every one of them, a customer could buy, sell, and send them from the app. That’s a sneak peek in to our top-notch idea. Our time was short, we only had a hour if not less to get everything ready for our presentations to the Tigers. It seemed as if time slowed down but was moving a rapid pace all at the same time. The cardboard station was our first step in crafting this magnificent idea, we built a iPhone out of cardboard, as well as an over packed wallet with gift cards. Shortly after that we rushed to start rehearsing our presentation as well as filling out our lean canvas. Faster than any of us had hoped, it was presentation time, the room grew silent as the MC of the event was running through the rules of the presentations. We were ready.

The 12 presentations went by in the blink of an eye. At last we were done, we gave it our all hoping to place in the top three. Having heard many Tigers give us great feedback, we thought we were a top contender for number one. The mic boomed, everyone was quietly waiting for the announcement of the top three contenders. Our group had high hopes, but as the teams were announced we realized we did not make it. Our team still held our heads high and we thought were proud of what we achieved. It turned out to be we were only out by half a point. Overall Tiger’s Den was one heck of a ride, and it was a great experience. I am thankful I had the chance to participate in such an event.

The Slip n’ Slide

fullsizeoutput_a87The day was cool, blistering winds blew by my face. The second semester Propel team was braving the cold to build a team. The team of the millennium, a team that could not be matched. They were building a team that would take the bronze level of the Duke of Edinburgh award in only a semester. Everyone was ready, ready for any challenge they would face on this day. This day of team building at The Forks.

            We got through the morning, which consisted of skating down the river trail and exploring the different cultural shops of The Forks. We made our way to lunch around 11:30 a.m. The experience was delightful considering all the options of food we could choose from; many different cultures came in to the question. What should I eat? I spent around 20 minutes debating between all the restaurants, I eventually narrowed it down to the Dragon Express. A delicious Chinese restaurant that had many options for food choice. After lunch we braved our way back out in to the blistering cold. Looking for the perfect place to start building our team. We walked through the treacherous weather conditions and came across a park, this is where the games began.

            Our team building was about to begin; the legendary team was about to start filling the mold that the prophecy has left. We started with a game of chain tag, the park consisted of many unknown/unseen obstacles buried beneath the snow. The metal structures were slippery from the constant refreezing of water left from the daily melt of snow. I was hidden on top of a hill that contained a one-way exit. A treacherous slide that was slipperier than a freshly flooded ice rink. I thought I was safe, but my mind deceived me. I didn’t see Mr. Patrician and Joey coming at me at such a fast speed. I panicked, I scattered. Next thing I know, my body goes flying down the stairs in a rag doll form. I had slipped on the ice from the metal structure. My tag career had flashed before my eyes; I was then tagged by joey. But I was in a ball of pain laying on the ground, trying not to move. My muscles ached, my head was ringing. All I could think about was the pain in my joints and muscles, the cold smothering winds didn’t bother me anymore. Eventually I returned to my feet and joined the crew again. But I knew I would never be the same, as I lost my tag career, I knew rehab was my only way to recover.

            The dream team decided it was time to head back after a few more games and team building. I was being tested for concussion symptoms by Mr. Hansen every 15 minutes. We braved the walk back to the school, crossing the river and multiple side streets on our journey back home. We made it back together, a new team, I was a new person. We still keep in touch with each other on a day to day basis considering we are all in the same class still. But I will never forget the day of the slip and slide.